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Spring Fever
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First published in US: May 20 1948 by Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York
First published in UK: May 20 1948 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Vesennyaya likhoradka by N.Trauberg: 2005
Spring Fever Spring Fever Spring Fever Spring Fever Spring Fever
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G. Ellery Cobbold Stout wealthy American businessman who is a distant cousin to Lord Shortlands
Miss Sharples Cobbold's secretary
Claude Percival John Delamere Cobbold, Lord Shortlands 52 year old 5th Earl who looks like a butler and is poor. Wants to buy a pub and marry his cook.
(Terry) Lady Teresa Cobbold Lord Shortland's beautiful young daughter
Stanwood Cobbold Ellery's son who loves Eileen
Eileen Stoker Film star with whom Stanwood is in love
Augustus Robb Stanwood's valet, an ex-burglar who finally finds his old sweetheart, Mrs. Punter
(Mike) Mycroft Cardinal American talent agent who loves Terry. A friend of Stanwood's.
Whiskers Lord Shortland's dog
Lady Clare Cobbold Lord Shortland's middle daughter who gets engaged to Cosmo
Mrs. Alice Punter Lord Shortland's cook who is loved by Lord Shortlands and Spink, but marries Robb
Cosmo Blair Playwright who becomes engaged to Clare
Lady Adela Topping Lord Shortlands' eldest daughter who is forceful and imperious. Married Desborough and rules Beevor Castle.
Desborough Topping Lady Adela's small husband in his mid-forties who is an authority on stamps and loves detective stories
Mervyn Spink Lord Shortlands' handsome and elegant butler. Previous employment included a stint with Ellery in America. Major vice is gambling. Loves Mrs. Punter.
Geoffrey Harvest (*)
Aloysius St X. McGuffy (*)
Roland Winter (*)

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