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Laughing Gas
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First published in UK: September 25 1936 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: December 4 1936 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York

Russian translation

  • Veselyashchij gaz by A. Kruglov: 2008

When Reggie becomes the third Earl of Havershot, his first enterprise is nearly his last.

His cousin Egremont, a dedicated souse and black sheep, has escaped to Hollywood and is enthusiastically getting ready to damage the family name still further. Hot on his tail, Reggie is about to talk sense into him, but an agonizing toothache drives Reggie to the dentist instead. Something very strange happens when he finds himself face to swollen face with child star Joey Cooley. Under the influence of laughing gas, a cosmic transfer takes place, leaving Reggie's mind in Joey's body and vice versa. And the world looks very different through Joey's eyes.

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(Reggie) Reginald John Peter Swithin, 3rd Earl of Havershot 28 year old Drone who goes to Hollywood, falls in love with a movie star, meets his former fiancee and gets engaged to her
Joey Cooley Obnoxious 12 year old child film star
Horace Plimsoll Reggie's family lawyer
(Eggy) Egremont Mannering Reggie's cousin who is first engaged to Ann, then to Mabel
Ann Bannister American newspaper girl to whom Reggie was once engaged. An energetic go-getter who is governess-nurse-maid to Joey.
April June Beautiful movie star who makes a play for Reggie
I.J. Zizzbaum Reggie's dentist in Beverly Hills
.. Burwash Joey's dentist who shares offices with Zizzbaum
Theodore P. Brinkmeyer Amiable fat boss of the Brinkmeyer-Magnifico Motion Picture Corp.
Beulah Brinkmeyer T.P.'s sister who oversees Joey
Sister Lora Luella Stott Leader of the Temple of the New Dawn
Mabel Prescott Member of the Temple of the New Dawn who gets engaged to Eggy
Cosmo Booch Joey's press agent
Diran Marsupial Joey's director
Orlando Flower Rival child actor with red hair and freckles
Chaffinch T.P.'s English butler who thinks he can act
Tommy Murphy Former child star whom Joey replaced
Pomona Wycherley Reporter who interviews Reggie as he's Joey
Cosmo Booch (*)
Lady Clara Mannering (*)

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