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Uneasy Money
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First published in US: March 17 1916 by D.Appleton and Company, New York
First published in UK: October 4 1917 by Methuen & Co., London
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Russian translation

  • Neudobnye den'gi by N. Trauberg: 2008

To inherit five million dollars it to inherit substantial sum.

For William, Lord Dawlish, it seemed the realization of his dreams. He could marry the girl he loved.

Of course, things are not quite so simple. The famous Wodehouse humour, which has no equal, sees to that, in a transatlantic cocktail of breathtalking ingenuity.

Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money Uneasy Money
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William FitzWilliam Delamere Chalmers, Lord Dawlish 23 year old penniless young man who loves golf. Secretary to Brown's, an exclusive Club and is engaged to Claire.
Claire Fenwick A touring company actress engaged to Lord Dawlish
Mr. Ira Nutcombe Old American millionaire who was helped at golf by Lord Dawlish
Gates A New York newspaperman friend of Lord Dawlish, now stationed in London as his paper's correspondent
Gerald Nichols Lord Dawlish's friend of the law firm Nichols, Nichols, Nichols and Nichols
Percy Fenwick Claire's 10 year old brother
Polly Davis Claire's friend who married Lord Wetherby. An American ex-actress living in New York doing a barefoot dance at Riegelheimer's restaurant.
Algie Wetherby, Lord Wetherby Poorest Earl in England who is an amateur painter
Roscoe Sherriff Polly's press agent
Clarence Polly's snake
Eustace Polly's monkey
Dudley Pickering Millionaire automobile manufacturer, middle-aged friend of Polly's who falls in love with Claire
Elizabeth Boyd Heroine Nutcombe's 21 year old niece who loves Lord Dawlish and rented Flack's Farm in Brockport, Long Island to raise bees
(Nutty) Claude Nutcombe Boyd Elizabeth's brother
James Elizabeth's cat
Daisy Leonard One of Nutty's chorus-girl friends
Wrench Polly's butler
John Prescott (*)
Lady Julia Waveney (*)

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