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The White Feather
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First published in UK: October 9 1907 by Adam & Charles Black, London
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The sequel to The Gold Bat

The White Feather The White Feather The White Feather The White Feather
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Clowes — Visiting the Old School, now at Oxford
Allardyρε — Captain of football
Trevor — Visiting the Old School, now at Oxford
Barry — Member of Seymour's
Attell — Member of Appleby's and cohort of Stanning
Stanning — Member of Appleby's, a bad fellow on the First Fifteen
Drummond — Member of Seymour's, featherweight at Aldershot and on the Second Eleven
Mr. Seymour — Housemaster and Gamemaster
Linton — Member of Seymour's
R.D. Sheen — Hero of story in Seymour's who has Study 12
Herbert — Seymour's bootboy
Mitchell — Former Wrykynian who lives at home in the town of Wrykyn
Dunstable — Member of Day's and Linton's friend
Menzies — Member of Seymour's who has Study 3
Albert — Town ruffian
Renford — A junior member of Seymour's
Sir William Bruce — Conservative candidate for Mayor of Wrykyn; old Wrykinian
Jack Bruce — Sir William's son who is a day boy in Engineering and drives auto
Saul Pedder — Radical candidate for Mayor
Sergeant Cook — Proprietor of refreshment establishment in Wrykyn
Mrs. Cook — Sergeant Cook's wife
McTodd — Member of Seymour's and Barry's friend
Mason — Member of Appleby's
Harvey — Junior member of Seymour's
Watson — Junior member of Seymour's
Rigby — Head of Seymour's
Jackson — Junior at Dexter's
Painter — Junior at Dexter's and friend of Jackson
Bowick — Junior at Dexter's
Crowie — Junior at Dexter's
Tomlin — Junior at School House
Joe Bevan — Lightweight champ of the world. Teaches boxing to Sheen.
Francis "Frank" Hunt — Boxer in training with Bevan
George Jenkins — Boxing instructor at Wrykyn
Mr. Spence — Cricket and gymnasium Master
Harrington — Member of School House
Keith — Captain of football at Ripton
Mill — Member of Seymour's
Biddle — Entered at Aldershot competition for Wrykyn
Clayton — Member of Seymour's and President of Court-martial
Sir Eustace Briggs (*)
Mr. Robert Dexter (*)
Donough O'Hara (*)
Peteiro (*)
Smith (*)

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