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The Gold Bat
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First published in UK: September 13 1904 by Adam & Charles Black, London
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A novel of public school life, Wrykyn, the school where the story is laid, is based on Wodehouse's alma mater. The plot centers around yhe struggles for the last vacancy on the football fifteen and the doings of a mysterious "League" in the school.

The Gold Bat The Gold Bat The Gold Bat The Gold Bat The Gold Bat The Gold Bat
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Otway Member of First Fifteen
Maurice Member of First Fifteen
Robinson Member of First Fifteen
Dick Trevor Head of Donaldson's and Captain of First Fifteen
Clephane Member of First Fifteen
Clowes Member of Donaldson's, on the First Fifteen and close friend of Trevor's
Rand-Brown Member of Seymour's
Paget Ex-head of Donaldson's
Barry Member of Seymour's who shares Study 6 with M'Todd
Donough O'Hara Member of Dexter's who lost Trevor's Gold Bat
Mr. Robert Dexter House Master
Ruthven Member of Dexter's
Moriarty Member of Dexter's and friend of O'Hara's Headmaster of Wrykyn
Sir Eustace Briggs Mayor of Wrykyn
M. Gandinois French Master
Smith School porter
M'Todd Member of Seymour's who shares Study 6 with Barry
Crawford Member of School House
Drummond Member of Seymour's who shares Study 5 with De Bertini. Barry's friend.
Mill Member of Seymour's and Prefect
Master Thomas Renford Milton's fag
Raoul de Bertini (Bertie) Shares study at Seymour's with Drummond
Milton Head of Seymour's also on Football Committee
Allardyce On Football Committee
Mr. Seymour House Master and Football Master at Wrykyn
Mr. Banks Mathematics Master
Mr. Morgan Mathematics Master
Harringay Head of form in Mathematics
Gregson Member of Day's
Harvey Redford's friend and owner of ferrets
(Shocblossom) James Rupert Leather-Twigg Member of Seymour's in Study 7
Herbert Boot and knife boy at Seymour's
Strachan Member of Day's and First Fifteen
Rigby Prefect in Seymour's
Linton Member of Seymour's
Griffith Member of Seymour's
Hunt Member of Seymour's
Kershaw Member of Seymour's
Chappie Member of Seymour's
Mr. Aldridge Master and referee of school football match
Dr. Oakes School doctor
Jevons Captain of Ripton School football team
Master Samuel Menzies Member of Seymour's
Mr. Day House Master also in charge of the gymnasium
Butler to Headmaster
Charles Merewcather Cook Day boy
Mr. Appleby Master (*)

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