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Rallying Round Old George
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First published: 1912-12 Strand (UK) / 1913-09-27 Colliers (US) (Brother Alfred)


Reggie Pepper Narrator and forerunner of Bertie Wooster
George Lattaker Reggie's friend posing as Alfred, his non-existant twin brother
Harold Voules Reggie's valet who was engaged to Pilbeam
Mrs. Vanderley Stella's mother
Stella Vanderley Engaged to George
Emma Pilbeam Mrs. Vanderiey's maid
Uncle Augustus Arbutt George's uncle who gambled away his trust fund
Mr. Marshall Owner of the yacht Circe which carried the party to Monte Carlo
Prince of Saxburg-Liegnitz Assaulted by muggers and saved by George
Denman Sturgis Private investigator
Count Fritz von Coslin Equerry to the Prince

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