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Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest
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First published: 1916-12-09 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1917-03 Strand (UK)
See also Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest (Carry on, Jeeves)


Bertie Wooster Narrator who has to keep Wilmot in his apartment for a month
Jeeves Dislikes Bertie's cloth-topped boots, a pink tie and his Country Gentleman Hat
Lady Malvern Aunt Agatha's friend who writes about society and conditions in prisons in America
Wilmot, Lord Pershore 23 year old son of Lady Malvern who lives a sheltered life in Much Middlefold, Shropshire. Lives it up a bit too freely in New York and spends some time in jail
Rollo Wilmot's newly acquired bull-terrier
Rocky Todd Bertie's friend on Long Island

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