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The Man Who Disliked Cats
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First published: 1912-05 Strand (UK) / 1916-01 Ladies Home Journal (US) (Fatal Kink in Algernon)


"I" Seated at the Cafe Brittannique in Soho
Jules Priaulx Uncle and owner of the fashionable hotel in Paris of the same name
Jean Priaulx Cashier at his uncle's hotel who wishes to paint; loves Marion
Alexander A fat cat belonging to Mrs. Balderstone Rockmettler, an American staying at the Parisian hotel
Polly Marion's parrott
Marion Henderson Young English lady who owns Polly and wants Alexander
Captain Bassett A Captain in the Guards who loves Marion and gives her Alexander
Paul Sartines Man of letters who needs a secretary for his work: History of the Cat in Ancient Egypt.
Mrs. Balderstone Rockmettler (*)

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