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The Manoeuvres of Charteris
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First published: 1903-08/09 Captain (UK) - (Out of Bounds!)


Old Crockfordians Cricket team composed of riff-raff from that Village
Charteris Member of Merevale's
Graham Charteris' friend who got injured playing football
(Babe) MacArthur Member of Merevale's and Captain of football team
Merevale House Master and head of football
Thomson Member of football team
Welch Shares study in Merevale's with Charteris and member of football team
Bannister Member of football team
Prescott Captain of Dacre's football team
Mr. Prater House Master
P. St. H. Harrison
Dr. Adamson College Doctor who lives in Stapleton
Secretary of the Old Crockfordians A ruffian
"Charles his friend"
Crowninshaw Charteris' fag
Parker Headmaster's butler
Dorothy Headmaster's niece
Daintree (*)
Menzies (*)
The Rev. Arthur James Perceval Headmaster (*)

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