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The P. G. Wodehouse Chronology
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1277-83 Sir Bertram de Wodehouse fought for Edward I in his wars against the Scots.
1402 John Wodehouse granted lands at Kimberley in Norfolk.
25 Oct 1415 John Wodehouse, alter ego for the Sieur de Wooster, fought for Henry V at Agincourt.
Jul 1547 Thomas Wodehouse, MP, killed at the battle of Musselburgh (or Pinkie) in Scotland.
1587 Philip Wodehouse knighted on the field of battle for his valour at the capture of Cadiz.
26 Jun 1611 Sir Philip Wodehouse created a baronet by King James I and VI.
13 Sep 1619 Dulwich College, founded by Edward Alleyn in 1605, formally opened.
6 Aug 1788 Philip Wodehouse, PGW's grandfather, born.
26 Oct 1797 Sir John Wodehouse, MP and sixth baronet created first Baron Wodehouse of Kimberley.
27 Aug 1797 John Bathurst Deane, PGW's maternal grandfather, born at the Cape of Good Hope.
18 Jun 1815 Captain Philip Wodehouse, PGW's grandfather, fights under Wellington at Waterloo.
14 Jul 1845 (Henry) Ernest Wodehouse, PGW's father, born.
15 Dec 1846 Col. Philip Wodehouse dies.
1861 Eleanor Deane, PGW's mother, born, the fifth of fourteen children.
1 Jun 1866 Lord Wodehouse, the third baron, created first Earl of Kimberley.
1867 Ernest Wodehouse started work in Hong Kong Civil Service.
3 Feb 1877 Ernest Wodehouse married Eleanor Deane in Hong Kong.
26 Sep 1877 Philip Peveril John Wodehouse, PGW's eldest brother, born to Ernest and Eleanor.
11 May 1879 (Ernest) Armine Wodehouse, PGW's brother born.
15 Oct 1881 Pelham Grenville Wodehouse born at Guildford while his mother was at home in England from Hong Kong.
1881-82 Eleanor took PGW back to Hong Kong.
1883 Eleanor took Philip, Armine and PGW home to England, left them in charge of a governess and returned to Hong Kong.
23 May 1885 Ethel Newton born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
1886 Ernest in London to receive the CMG from Queen Victoria. He and Eleanor placed their three boys at dame school in Croydon.
12 Jul 1887 Revd John Bathurst Deane died.
1888 Aged six, PGW read the whole of Homer's Iliad.
1889 The three Wodehouse brothers sent to a small school on Guernsey.
1891 PGW sent to Malvern House, a preparatory school in Kent.
30 May 1892 Richard Lancelot Deane Wodehouse, PGW's younger brother, born.
2 May 1894 PGW started at Dulwich College, boarding with an assistant master, H.V. Doulton.
Sep 1894 Became a boarder at Dulwich at Ivyholme.
1896 Ernest Wodehouse retired and took a house in Dulwich. PGW became a day-boy at the college.
1896 PGW's parents moved to Stableford in Shropshire and he became a Dulwich boarder again, this time at Elm Lawn, Housemaster E.C. Treadgold.
Sep 1897 PGW won school colours as a member of the first XV Rugby team, a position he held for two years.
1898 The Public School Magazine founded.
Feb 1899 Won Dulwich first XI colours.
Apr 1899 The Captain founded.
31 Jul 1899 PGW sang Hybrias The Cretan at the college concert.
Sep 1899 Looked forward to going to Oxford University.
Oct 1899? Learnt Ernest could not afford to let him go to Oxford
11 Nov 1899 Won Dulwich first XV colours.
1900 Finally got his school colours as a member of the first XI cricket team.
1900 Appointed one of the editors of The Alleynian.
Feb 1900 Won writing competition run by The Public School Magazine with 'Some Aspects Of Games Captaincy'.
Jul 1900 Left Dulwich College.
Sep 1900 Started work at the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank in Lombard Street. Took a room in Markham Square, Chelsea.
Dec 1900 Began writing Under-The-Flail column for The Public School Magazine.
3 Nov 1900 As a member of the Bank's rugby team played against the London & Westminster Bank.
Nov 1900 First humorous article 'Men Who Missed Their Own Weddings' appeared in Tit-Bits.
Jun 1901 Caught mumps and convalesced at Stableford.
16 Aug 1901 First played truant from the bank to work on The Globe newspaper for the day.
Oct 1901 First piece appeared in The Captain. A St Austin's school story.
1902 Parents moved to 3, Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham.
Mar 1902 The Public School Magazine closed.
2 Apr 1902 Spent a week working on The Globe.
9 Sep 1902 Resigned his position at the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank.
17 Sep 1902 First article appeared in Punch called 'An Unfinished Collection'.
18 Sep 1902 A. and C. Black published his first book: The Pothunters.
Sep 1902 Spent five weeks working on The Globe.
c. 1902/03 Played for the Authors and Punch cricket teams. Moved to better lodgings at 23 Walpole Street, also in Chelsea. Visited there by Herbert W. Westbrook. Soon thereafter visited Westbrook at Emsworth House preparatory school in Hampshire.
. 1903 Played for J.M. Barrie's cricket team, the Allahakbarries.
Early 1903 Took lodgings above the stables at Emsworth House. Soon afterwards rented Threepwood Cottage at Emsworth.
2 Jul 1903 Interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle appeared in the V.C. magazine.
Aug 1903 Became the deputy on the By-The-Way column of The Globe.
15 Sep 1903 Ethel Newton married Leonard Rowley in Nottingham.
16 Apr 1904 PGW sailed on the SS St Louis for his first visit to the US arriving on the 25th.
Aug 1904 Became editor of the By-The-Way column.
10 Dec 1904 First commercial lyric 'Put Me In My Little Cell' sung in Sergeant Brue at London's Strand Theatre.
1905 Leonard Rowley took his wife and daughter to India.
Jul 1905 PGW's first article in The Strand called 'The Wirepullers'.
Sep 1905 First US magazine publication with 'Kid Brady - Lightweight' in Pearson's Magazine of New York.
6 Mar 1906 Started work for Seymour Hicks as resident lyricist at London's Aldwych Theatre.
19 Mar 1906 Met Jerome Kern at the Aldwych, both working on The Beauty Of Bath.
6 Jun 1906 PGW's first adult novel, Love Among The Chickens, published in the UK starring Ukridge.
17 Nov 1906 Bought Seymour Hicks' car, a Darracq. Crashed it.
6 Dec 1907 Joined Gaiety Theatre as lyricist.
1908 First appeared in UK Who's Who.
The Armstrong family sold The Globe to Hildebrand Harmsworth.
May 1909 On second visit to the US sold two stories in two days and wired resignation to The Globe.
11 May 1909 Love Among The Chickens became PGW's first book to be published in the US.
15 Sep 1909 Mike heralded the arrival of Psmith.
Feb 1910 Returned to UK from New York.
Mar 1910 A 1,500 word pen-portrait by H.L. Bradshaw appeared in The Captain.
11 May 1910 A Gentleman Of Leisure became PGW's first book to be published in the US before the UK.
8 Jun 1910 Leonard Rowley died in Mysore, India.
12 Dec 1910 Ethel Rowley granted probate in London for Leonard Rowley's estate.
1911 Ella King-Hall married Herbert Westbrook.
28 Jan 1911 Ethel Rowley married John Wayman in London.
24 Aug 1911 A Gentleman Of Leisure, PGW's first play, opened in New York.
Jan 1912 Ella King-Hall became PGW's UK literary agent.
Jul 1912 John Wayman declared bankrupt in London.
Sep 1913 PGW's last article appeard in The Captain.
5 Jan 1914 The Times reviewed Nuts And Wine. A flop.
May 1914 First piece in Vanity Fair (US) called 'The Physical Culture Peril'.
27 Jul 1914 Sailed for New York with John Barrymore on board a German ship.
2 Aug 1914 Arrived in New York.
3 Aug 1914 Met Ethel Rowley Wayman at a party in New York.
4 Aug 1914 First World War began.
30 Sep 1914 PGW married Ethel Rowley Wayman.
1 Oct 1914 Rented a bungalow at Bellport, Long Island.
24 Dec 1914 Probable first meeting of PGW and Guy Bolton at the New York first night of Tonight's The Night.
25 Mar 1915 A Gentleman Of Leisure, PGW's first film released.
Mar 1915 PGW became drama critic of Vanity Fair.
15 Sep 1915 Jeeves and Bertie made their first appearance in The Saturday Evening Post (US).
28 Feb 1916 Pom Pom, a play and the first Bolton and Wodehouse collaboration, was a success.
25 Sep 1916 Miss Springtime, first Bolton, Wodehouse and Kern show a great success.
11 Jan 1917 Have A Heart, the first Bolton, Wodehouse and Kern Princess show opened - at the Liberty Theatre
20 Feb 1917 Oh Boy, the second Princess show but the first at the Princess Theatre opened to rave reviews.
1918 Piccadilly Jim was the first of seventy-one of PGW's books to be published in the UK by Herbert Jenkins over half a century.
Mar 1921 Arriving in New York during Prohibition, payed the bellhop at the Biltmore Hotel $17 for a bottle of Scotch.
Dec 1921 A two-page profile of PGW appeared in The Strand.
1922 A portrait of PGW appeared in Gerald Cumberland's book, People Worth Talking About.
1923 PGW and Kern's last collaboration on The Beauty Prize.
17 May 1923 The first Jeeves and Bertie book, The Inimitable Jeeves, was published.
Mar 1925 The Captain closed.
1926 Elected a Fellow of The Royal Society Of Literature.
1927 Beverley Nichols portrayed PGW in Are They The Same At Home?
1 Apr 1927 Wodehouses leased 17 Norfolk Street (now Dunraven Street) in Mayfair, their London home for many years.
Nov 1927 Sailed to New York with George Grossmith.
10 Mar 1928 Michael Arlen dined at Norfolk Street.
25 Mar 1928 John Galsworthy and actor Leslie Howard lunched with the Wodehouses at Rogate Lodge in Sussex. Ian Hay was a house guest and Mr and Mrs E.P. Oppenheim were visitors.
Aug 1928 PGW, Ian Hay and A.A. Milne financed the PGW/Hay play A Damsel In Distress with £500 each.
Oct 1928 Lunched with Sir Owen Seaman, editor of Punch at the Beefsteak.
Jan 1929 Leonora Wodehouse wrote 'P.G. Wodehouse At Home' in The Strand.
27 May 1929 PGW's father Ernest died aged 83.
Aug 1929 PGW made a flying visit, his first, to Hollywood.
Nov 1929 Ethel went to Hollywood and agreed a $2,000 a week contract for PGW with MGM.
8 May 1930 PGW and Leonora arrived in Hollywood.
1 Jun 1930 PGW's contract with MGM commenced.
Jul 1930 Ethel joined PGW and Leonora in Hollywood.
31 May 1931 PGW's contract with MGM ended.
7 Jun 1931 Los Angeles Times interview with PGW appeared.
30 Jul 1931 New York Times carried Roland Pertwee's denial of PGW's LA Times story of him being fired from Warner Brothers.
13 Sep 1931 Dined with Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford at 'Pickfair'.
Sep 1931 On the way back from Hollywood visited Canada again and spent the day with Stephen Leacock.
Mar 1932 Wodehouses rented a house in the south of France at Arribeau near Cannes.
Aug 1932 H.G. Wells dined chez Wodehouse at Arribeau.
12 Dec 1932 Leonora married Peter Cazalet at Shipbourne.
1933 David Low drew his famous cartoon of PGW.
31 Mar 1934 Sheran Cazalet born; a granddaughter for Ethel and Plum.
Jun 1934 Settled in Le Touquet.
24 Aug 1934 Rented Low Wood near Le Touquet.
1932 Ella King-Hall (Mrs Herbert Westbrook), his UK agent, retired and died shortly thereafter.
3 Jun 1935 Bought Low Wood near Le Touquet.
Dec 1935 PGW sadly gave his old Monarch typewriter the last rites.
26 Apr 1936 Edward Cazalet born; a grandson for Ethel and Plum.
26 Jun 1936 Awarded medallion by the International Mark Twain Society.
9 Oct 1936 His brother Armine died.
10 Oct 1936 Back in Hollywood, again under contract to MGM.
May 1937 With Guy Bolton adapted his A Damsel In Distress for the screen for RKO.
28 Oct 1937 Sailed for France.
4 Nov 1937 Returned to France and Le Touquet.
21 Jun 1939 Accepted honorary D.Litt. from Oxford University.
8 Jul 1939 Reported Dulwich cricket match against St Paul's for The Alleynian. His last ever visit to the college.
3 Sep 1939 Second World War began.
21 May 1940 Wodehouses attempted to flee German advance. Car broke down.
22 May 1940 German army occupied Le Touquet.
21 July 1940 As a civilian internee PGW sent to Loos Prison, Lille. Then transferred to Liege in Belgium.
3 Aug 1940 Transferred to the Citadel at Huy, Belgium.
8 Sep 1940 Transferred to Tost in Upper Silesia.
Dec 1940 PGW's last contribution in The Strand.
26 Dec 1940 Met Angus Thuermer of Associated Press in Tost.
21 Apr 1941 Eleanor Wodehouse, PGW's mother, died aged eighty.
May 1941 Petition presented to German ambassador to US asking for PGW's release.
21 Jun 1941 While playing cricket at Tost told of his immediate release from internment. Taken to Berlin.
22 Jun 1941 Met Raven von Barnikow and Werner Plack at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin.
25 Jun 1941 Commenced recording five broadcasts to America, completing the task on 26 July.
26 Jun 1941 Gave an interview to Harry Flannery, CBS's Berlin correspondent, which was broadcast to the US.
27 Jun 1941 Went to stay with Baroness Anga von Bodenhausen at her house at Degenershausen near Magdeburg in the Harz mountains.
28 Jun 1941 First broadcast transmitted to UK.
Jul 1941 Saturday Evening Post published 'My War With Germany'.
9 Jul 1941 Second broadcast transmitted to UK. Foreign Secretary, Sir Anthony Eden, denounced PGW in the House of Commons.
5 Jul 1941 Vituperative attack on PGW by William Connor speaking on BBC radio.
17 Jul 1941 The London Daily Mail reprinted part of PGW's 'My War With Germany' from the Saturday Evening Post.
23 Jul 1941 Third broadcast transmitted to UK. 27 Jul 1941 Ethel arrived in Berlin.
30 Jul 1941 Fourth broadcast transmitted to UK.
6 Aug 1941 Fifth broadcast transmitted to UK.
9 Aug 1941 German Ministry of Propaganda rebroadcast PGW's talks to neutral America on 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 August.
Nov 1941 Wodehouses returned to Berlin.
Apr 1942 They returned to Degenershausen.
Nov 1942 They returned to Berlin.
Apr 1943 They became paying guests of Count and Countess Wolkenstein at Lobnis in Upper Silesia.
9 Sep 1943 Wodehouses allowed to move to Paris arriving at the Hotel Bristol on the 11th.
16 May 1944 Leonora Cazalet died unexpectedly, aged only forty.
25 Aug 1944 Allied armies liberated Paris.
26 Aug 1944 PGW reported himself to US military authorities.
28 Sep 1944 Major E.J.P. Cussen completed his report clearing PGW of all but fatheadedness.
20 Nov 1944 Arrested by French police 'Just in case'.
23 Nov 1944 Director of Public Prosecutions decided there was no evidence on which to prosecute PGW.
15 Dec 1944 Adjournment Debate on PGW in the House of Commons. Attorney General stated there was no evidence on which to prosecute PGW.
6 Dec 1944 Sir Anthony Eden repeated there was no evidence on which to prosecute PGW.
20 Jan 1945 Released from hospital detention by the French.
Jul 1945 PGW explained his war period to Dulwich in The Alleynian.
. 1946 Scott Meredith became PGW's US literary agent.
8 May 1946 PGW's letter on his wartime period appeared in Variety.
7 Dec 1946 PGW's interview with Hubert Cole about his war period appeared in Illustrated in the UK.
18 Apr 1947 Ethel and PGW sailed from Cherbourg for New York on the SS America arriving on the 26th. They stayed at the Hotel Waylin on East 54th Street.
26 Jun 1948 Still keen boxing fans, Plum and Ethel saw Joe Louis fight Jersey Joe Walcott at Yankee Stadium.
2 Sep 1948 Don't Listen Ladies, a new play was a hit and written by Guy Bolton and Stephen Powys, a.k.a. PGW.
1 Feb 1949 Lunched with Evelyn Waugh in New York.
Mar 1950 Last issue of The Strand appeared. PGW lunched (separately) with Michael Arlen, Evelyn Waugh and Ferenc Molnar.
28 Oct 1950 Interviewed on radio by Eleanor Roosevelt.
Mar 1952 While staying with the Boltons at Remsenburg, Ethel bought a house at Basket Neck Lane.
Jul 1952 Ethel and Plum moved to Remsenburg, keeping their New York apartment for the winter.
15 Jul 1953 First post-war article in Punch, Malcolm Muggeridge having become editor earlier in the year.
15 Oct 1954 Wrote to J.R.D. Jones about his time at the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank.
1 May 1955 Gave up New York apartment and lived the year round at Remsenburg.
8 Sep 1955 Filed application for US citizenship.
16 Dec 1955 Became an American citizen.
27 Jan 1960 Honoured by election to the Punch table.
1961 Wodehouse At Work by Richard Usborne published.
15 Jul 1961 Evelyn Waugh on the BBC broadcast 'An Act of Homage And Reparation to P.G. Wodehouse'.
24 May 1964 Jeeves appeared as a long-playing record with Terry Thomas as Bertie and Roger Livsey as Jeeves.
Sep 1964 Nella (Armine's widow) came to live at Remsenburg.
6 Apr 1965 Herbert Jenkins taken over by another UK publisher, Barrie and Rockcliff.
27 May 1965 BBC began television series The World Of Wooster with Ian Carmichael as Bertie and Denis Price as Jeeves.
16 Feb 1967 BBC began another television series Blandings Castle, starring Sir Ralph Richardson as Lord Emsworth and his wife Merial Forbes as Lady Constance.
Nov 1967 P.G. Wodehouse Animal Shelter opened at Remsenburg.
19 Sep 1969 A Pelican At Blandings was the last PGW book to be published under the Herbert Jenkins imprint.
29 Oct 1970 The Girl In Blue was PGW's first book published in the UK by Barrie and Jenkins instead of Herbert Jenkins.
1974 P. G. Wodehouse: A Portrait Of A Master by David A. Jasen published.
1974 Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum of London sent John Blakely to Remsenburg to capture PGW in wax.
14 Apr 1974 Last complete novel, Aunts Aren 't Gentlemen, published in the UK.
Late 1974 BBC commenced a new television series, Wodehouse Playhouse.
1975 Wodehouse Playhouse became the third BBC television series based on Wodehouse stories.
1 Jan 1975 Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, along with Charlie Chaplin.
14 Feb 1975 Died in Southampton hospital having spent his life giving pleasure to millions of readers.
18 Feb 1975 Funeral service at Remsenburg Presbyterian Church, the Revd Gordon G. Dickson officiated.
Source: Barry Phelps. P G Wodehouse: Man and Myth
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