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Agnes Flack
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Agnes Flack, distant cousin of Mr. Mulliner of Angler's Rest, a tournament golfer in Those in Peril at the Tee, one of the Devonshire Mulliners. By Scratch Man she has been the undisputed female champion of the club. In Tangled Hearts she is still the female club champion and owns a wolfhound. A fine, large, handsome girl built rather on the lines of Popeye the sailor: 160 pounds, all muscle, with a voice that sounds like the down express letting off steam at a level crossing. Niece of millionaire Josiah Flack; engaged to Sydney McMurdo in Feet of Clay, where she becomes briefly infatuated with Captain Jack Fosdyke. Still intermittently engaged to McMurdo in Sleepy Time, where she has written a novel.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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