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- - By Doublin Date 2008-08-16 22:49
Два самых ярких впечатления - Dirk Wonnel (а точнее большой гольф в Крылатском) и вудхаузовский календарь (all artwork and design by Raya Ivanovskaya).
Ну, с гольфом понятно (да, я маньяк :))
А календарь просто замечательный сам по себе.
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-08-17 17:48
Вообще, всё было здорово. Огромное спасибо тем, кто поддержал идею, кто участвовал в организации, кто принимал непосредственное участие.
Надеюсь, скоро появятся фотографии, а вскоре и наши гости поделятся своими впечатлениями.
Parent - - By gmk (Учредитель) Date 2008-08-17 19:47
В дальнейшем будет отдельная страница.
А какие изменения программы были по сравнению с объявлением на сайте?
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-08-17 21:16
А никаких
Parent - - By gmk (Учредитель) Date 2008-08-18 00:29

> А никаких

а как же вышеупомянутый большой гольф?
Parent - By Doublin Date 2008-08-18 08:10
А это была индивидуальная вылазка, никак на программу не повлиявшая.
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-08-18 08:13
И еще наши гости самостоятельно ездили в Коломенское, а также ходили в цирк, где очень кстати тема программы была  - кино начала прошлого века, так что по арене прыгали дживсы и вустеры.
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-09-14 07:44
Своими впечатлениями о Неделе с нами делится Dirk Wonnel, Цинциннати, Огайо

Upon reflection of Old Home Week in Moscow I'm very impressed with our experience. Masha and the Russian Wodehouse Society went above and beyond to provide us with a fun, stimulating and enriching exposure to Russia. I feel as though I've taken an advanced university course in Russian history, culture, architecture and literature, made all the more enjoyable thanks to the abilities of our affable translators, Helen, Dmitri and Masha.

     Our Hotel Budapest was a splendid choice. It was affordable, clean, comfy and provided a convenient central meeting point for the day's excursions. The daily full breakfast was quite good and much appreciated. The welcome dinner at "Yalki-Palki" was well done

     Each excursion was meaningful and well planned. I don't think we could have possibly packed any more into the week. I especially enjoyed the mini-golf tournament and "talking golf" with Dmitri. As Russia becomes more prosperous, I hope that golf grows in popularity. This certainly seems to be a possible growth industry in Russia. Perhaps a few public golf learning centers with driving range, putting greens and 9 hole par-3 executive length courses. These are quite popular in America and really help to introduce golf to people of all ages.

    The trip to the Moscow Circus was enjoyed by all.

    Certainly the best part of these Wodehouse gatherings remains the opportunity of making new friends with one common denominator- a love of the works of "Plum".

    Our reading of "The Clicking of Cuthbert" was lots of fun owing to an inspired, zarebrated Vladimir Brusiloff (AKA: Masha). Our Cincinnati chapter particularly enjoys these dramatic readings although it is often hard to read your part while laughing and crying out loud.

    The concluding farewell dinner at the restaurant Pushkin was as delicious as it was emotional. The ambiance was perfectly Wodehousian and the food superb.

    Although the number of attendees was small, I'm not sure that the tour could have been as successful if there had been more participants. This would have presented several logistical problems making navigation of the Metro and viewing the smaller tour stops quite difficult.

    Although Susan and I would have been better prepared if we had heeded Masha's pre-trip advice and "learn the Russian alphabet", I can say that "Old Home Week" was a life enriching success and one that I will remember with fondness for years to come. I look forward to meeting our new friends at future Wodehouse gatherings. Again, thanks to all!

Best wishes,

Dirk Wonnell

Cincinnati, OH
Parent - - By Doublin Date 2008-09-14 08:57

>>"talking golf" with Dmitri

Ага-да. Talking golf to Dmitri Дирк хотел сказать, наверное :)
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-09-30 17:39 Edited 2008-10-01 06:41
А вот Old Home Week in Moscow глазами нашего французского гостя.
Hubert Lasson и его жена Marie Lasson - едва ли не единственные на сегодняшний день французские поклонники Вудхауза, достаточно активно контактирующие с остальным вудхаузианским миром. Возможно, они первые вудхаузианцы Франции, принимавшие участие в международных мероприятиях, и уж точно - Old Home Week in Moscow - это первая международная встреча, в которой они принимали участие.
Hubert писал свой репортаж на достаточно своеобразном английском. Я не стала редактировать текст, чтобы лишний раз продемонстрировать российским вудхаузианцам, что мир поклонников Вудхауза настолько привлекателен, что люди готовы встречаться друг с другом, даже плохо владея общим языком и имея самое слабое представление о посещаемых местах.
Это я к тому, что 12-14 июня 2009 года в городке St. Paul, Minnesota, состоится очередная международная встреча TWS...
Но сначала о том, что было здесь.

"Bon trois heures de vol et à peine le temps de bavarder et hop on est à Moscou, the east from where comes the sun. Why have we been there, I neither thought to go there in my life. No risk with the old story still in the air ( Loubianka and the other tricks that flourish in the fifties ) and I have never met a russian except the cousins of my daughter. Well it's an idea of Marie my wife and after all it's a continental neighbourhood. We contact wodehousian people and I thought that such people couldn't be bad people. And I was right...
...Arriving at Sheremetievo, every thing went very fast. We stand there waiting for a chap named Jelle Otten who was due to come from Amsterdam ( not far from where we usually live ) and he conveniently let us share his cab. That makes instantly our cyrillic stress reduce to a bearable level. We realise when we come to know him better that he was a most reliable fellow, a well tempered people and a well trained traveller. The same evening we were due to meet at a dinner in a good establishment the americans and a party of our russian host. Then all went as our Masha leader have meticulously planed. Masha and her fellows of the RWS are rather young and enjoyable. We don't realise at first how deep they are involved in the wodehousian mater but when we visit the next day the Chaliapine house. A guy I never heard before but very active in the beginning of the precedent century a period when Plum was young. At this stage of the story, I must recognize that I have read few of canon which is much more larger than the new testament.
And then the visit goes its way without any incident. After a tour to the Kremlin where we saw superbs and gorgeous emeralds on the sacred book's cover that makes us think that the big shot of that time had a way of life and that the cars of our apparat fish and soup dirigeant don't stand the balance. Then it takes a literary tune that remembers me my lack of culture due probably to the moujik roots of my family ( my grand father was a thick one with large whiskers and member the primitive socialist party in the beginning of the twenty century ). Beside we have a brake to worship the Plum's practice of Golf; a most serious game in which some of us had a good and old training, I must name there Susan and her man a natural american leader Dirk. Dimitri who has put himself off the game due to his particular great ability in that matter take the regulator office while Masha's sister Lena takes the pictures. Lena does that strange task all along these days with discretion and the eye of a professional. I must say that every russian we meet revealed a sympathic figure: Nathalie and her son Benedict, Elena Kirilova that girl from Oulianovsk and I must tell also a great thanks to the women who take us to Lermontov Estate, the most Blanding's estate that we saw. This Lady isn't an Aunt she has a motherhoodness in her. Not forget the young driver of the minibus. A special mention has to be made of Dirk our american fellow, this guy is a real chap when he put his golf wear and smoke a cigar.
We don't meet any Butler during these days in Moscow, perhaps it's because this country is florishing with activity and far away from the Blanding's nonchalance. I wish them to go ahead without stroke of any kind and like Marie I would like to come back if I could".

Hubert Lasson, Lille, France
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-10-29 22:09 Edited 2008-10-29 22:13
А вот еще один отчет - видимо, последний - от Елле Оттена (Jelle Otten), Нидерланды:

The Old Home Week in Moscow (Aug. 10th - Aug. 16th 2008)

    Between Yolki-Palki and Cafe Pushkin
    (Reminiscences to The Old Home Week in Moscow)

  Thinking of the Old Home Week in Moscow, I could remember that "the only cook that has ever been discovered capable of pushing food into him [=Uncle Tom] without starting something like Old Home Week in Moscow under the third button is this uniquely gifted Anatole]. This is indeed a quote from Right Ho, Jeeves, ch. 11, by P.G. Wodehouse. But there is now another Old Home Week in Moscow (=OHWM) viz. that marvellous event that took place in the Russian capital in August 2008. It was organised by The Russian Wodehouse Society under the glorious leadership of Masha Lebedeva and with help from Dima Pritykin and others.
  The OHWM started with a welcome dinner at a nice restaurant at the Kuznetskiy Most Street in Moscow, called in Russian: Yolki-Palki (it means in English: My Goodness) and it ended after a week with a farewell dinner at Cafe Pushkin (named after the Great Russian Poet) at the Tverskoy Boulevard. The foreign participants at the OHWM had their headquarters in Hotel Budapest, which is situated just between both establishments.
  The welcome dinner was indeed a nice introduction to the Russian cuisine with nice salads, red caviar and sour cream and of course with traditional Russian soft drinks Kvas (made from rye and yeast) and Mors (made from cranberries). All that served by waiters and waitresses, dressed in traditional Russian costumes. Quickly the Wodehousians from Russia and elsewhere fraternized with each other, because they are joined to each other in their love for the great humorist author P. G. Wodehouse. We were provided with extended information about practical matters varying from how to use your cell phone in Russia, how to handle with public transport in Moscow, with food and drinks, to a guide to browsing and sluicing in the Hotel Budapest area (and elsewhere) and what to see, if there was any time left. Certainly, every day there was time for dinner and the information about it was very useful for us. We discovered the Peter I restaurant, neighbouring to the Budapest Hotel, the exotic Uzbekistan restaurant with very good food and with live music and live belly dancing. We detected also another exotic restaurant: Shesh-Besh an Azerbaijani restaurant, and a very popular Russian "Bierhaus", called Durdin, not only with good food but also with the best beer, and the fast-food Mu-mu cafe in Russian style. Every day we could travel with the Moscow metro, which distinguished itself from the other numerous subways in the world for some of their palace-like metro stations. And what to say about lunch in soviet nostalgic style? It is possible in the House on the Embankment. Or what to say about lunch in style of modern times in a sports and entertainment centre in a town called Chekhov...
  The foreign group (from countries as far away as France, United States and The Netherlands) could start with the program of the OHWM with indefatigable Masha at the head of us. Firstly the schedule provided a visit to the Moscow Kremlin. First lesson for the foreigner: The Kremlin in Moscow is NOT the only Kremlin in Russia, many other towns also have their own Kremlins. Second Lesson: The Moscow Kremlin is not only the centre of state power, but also a collection of museums, cathedrals palaces and (yes) government buildings. Our visit was limited to the Armoury Exposition of precious articles, made in Kremlin workshops, and gifts received from foreign embassies, kept by the Romanov royal family and Moscow's patriarchs, and the Cathedral of Assumption, where ceremonies of national significance took place. The interior of the cathedral is splendidly decorated with wall frescoes and iconostasis. After a visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (which is outside the Kremlin) we were regaled on a boat trip on the Moscow River. A guide on board told us in Russian what we could see during the trip. Luckily Dima translated the information immediately for us in English. He did a great job for us to do the same thing at other occasions! So we understood that we passed not only the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Kremlin, but also among others, the House of Music, the merchants' mansions, the House on Embankment (built for the Soviet elite) and the monument to Peter the Great. This monument is teaching us two things: Peter the Great liked the seagoing and the seamanship, and he was indeed a big man.
  An excellent way to see famous buildings and places in Moscow is a bus tour. Not only the Red Square (which is actually meaning the Beautiful Square; which it is indeed the case), the Kremlin buildings, but also for example the Sparrow Hills, with the mass market of souvenirs (and the Moscow State University, of course), or the new Trade Centre, where the tallest building in Europe is under construction.
  Wodehousian was our visit to the Shalyapin House-Museum. F.I. Shalyapin was a world famous bass singer during Wodehouse's time. In his book Bring on the Girls, ch 9, Wodehouse (and Guy Bolton, his co-author) tells about their meeting with the Great Russian. Shalyapin's House Museum gives a good idea in which way Shalyapin lived here. The museum is very trim and we were asked to put "special" shoes over our own shoes, for protection of the polished floors. Many other museums asked us to do the same thing.
A surprise for us was that we could hear him singing five songs on a record. The list of songs we heard was: Volga Boat Song, The Doubt, Along the Petersburg Road, Down the Volga and the unforgettable Dark Eyes. Quite! What a bass singer!
  Another house-museum is Tolstoy's one. The name of his house is Khamovniki. It was here that the great man and his family lived from 1882 till 1901. Like Shalyapin, we could hear Tolstoy also on a record. He was not singing but was actually talking to us. It is amazing to learn that Tolstoy recorded himself on a machine, sent to him by nobody else than Thomas Edison, the inventor of the phonograph!
Really Wodehousian was the minigolf tournament that the OHWM group played at Turchaninove lane in Moscow. Oldest Golf Member Dirk Wonnel (USA) instructed us like the Sage how to play golf in the most effective way on this course. His instructions yield profit: Golden Susan Brokaw (USA), Silver Elena Kirillova (Russia), Bronze Masha Lebedeva (Russia) and Special Marie Lasson (France) were on the prizewinners list.
  Not in Moscow, but not far away from her in the northwest is the Serednikovo Country-Mansion. It is one of the most famous places in Russia and connected to the great Russian poet M.Y. Lermontov. Serednikovo inspired me to think that the mansion could be one source of inspiration to Wodehouse's Blandings Castle. Not only the building itself has reminiscences to, but above all the park and pond. The park invited the participants of the group to bring to life again one of Wodehouse's most "Russian" stories: The Clicking of Cuthbert. All parts, with the two narrators included, could be divided among the Old Home Weekers and Elena Ilaydinova, the guide of the group on this trip!
  More far away in the south from Moscow is Melikhovo Museum reserve of Anton Chekhov, the great Russian storyteller and playwright. It is amazing to see that in his simple house not only an extended family was living, but also innumerable friends were staying. In the museum you can see how Russian everyday life was at the end of the nineteenth century.
  Contrary to this simple estate is the terrific pompous estate of Catherine the Great in Tsaritsyno, southeast in Moscow. By some whim of fate the Empress of Russia had never lived in her Moscow residence, due to the fact that the palaces were completed only in the last few years of the twenty first century...
  Alas, even the OHWM came to an end and it was at the Farewell Dinner in Cafe Pushkin. This is a literary cafe;-restaurant in a nineteenth century mansion. The whole interior of Cafe Pushkin appears to be genuine, but it is in reality artificially aged, as we could see, because the owner showed us around the whole building.
We were regaled with a fine Russian dinner a la Anatole. On the menu were: Salad Olivier, Petits Pates a la Russe and Veal Cutlet Pozharsky. The food was so delightful, that it was not possible that something started like the "OHWM" under the third button...
At the end of the dinner The Russian Wodehouse Society surprised us pleasantly with a unique farewell gift: The Old Home Week Calendar for the year 2009, designed by Raya Ivanovskaya.

  Thinking of the The Old Home Week in Moscow I can now say it was a delightful event that will live on in my memory, thanks to you: Wodehousian Russians and Wodehousian friends from abroad 1). In one word: Прекрасно! 2)

Jelle Otten

1) They are: Vladimir Lopatka, Raya Ivanovskaya, Andrey Isyemin, Natalie Karachevtseva with her son Venedikt, Irina Alexeeva, Masha Lebedeva, Lena Lebedeva, Anna Pritykina, Dima Pritykin, Marie Lasson, Hubert Lasson, Elena Kirillova, Susan Brokaw, Dirk Wonnel, Mikhail Kuzmenko, Anna Kuzmenko.
2) Splendidly!
Parent - - By Doublin Date 2008-10-29 22:31

>>This monument is teaching us two things: Peter the Great liked the seagoing and the seamanship, and he was indeed a big man.

Jelle жжот.

А это... почему последний? Еще же Susan собиралась, кажется?
Parent - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-10-29 23:14
Сьюзан, полагаю, уже написала отчет для декабрьского номера Plum Lines - американского ежеквартальника.
Это я собиралась задать вопрос редактору, можно ли будет - после выхода номера - перепечатать этот репортаж. Надеюсь, разрешит, хотя в свое время о чем-то я пыталась договориться с Тони Рингом, бывшим редактором Вустер Соуса, и мне было объяснено, что за то мы и платим членские взносы, чтобы материалы, публикуемые в журнале, имели доступ только к членам. Хотя тут, конечно, немного другая ситуация, и я надеюсь на положительный ответ.
Parent - By gmk (Учредитель) Date 2008-10-11 17:30
Сделал страничку отчетов о "Неделе"
нового там - два фото-сета, которые я снимал: ужин в Ёлках и мини-гольф
(все фото есть также в высоком разрешении, если кому охота напечатать вдруг)
Parent - - By gmk (Учредитель) Date 2008-10-23 01:05
основной отчет:
Parent - - By ssmith Date 2008-10-23 19:15
Еще раз спасибо Маше за интересный рассказ. (За организацию - само собой).

Предлагаю аккредитовать ее как прессу и пускать на каждое мероприятие.
Parent - - By mashalebedeva Date 2008-10-24 16:38

> Еще раз спасибо Маше за интересный рассказ. (За организацию - само собой).

Ответное спасибо за спасибо

> Предлагаю аккредитовать ее как прессу и пускать на каждое мероприятие.

А вот с этого места поподробнее. Что ли кто-то готов оплатить мне поездку в июне в Сент-Пол на очередную международную встречу TWS? :)
Parent - By ssmith Date 2008-10-24 18:15
дописка:  "...организованное TRWS".
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