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Bachelors Anonymous
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First published in UK: October 15 1973 by Barrie & Jenkins, London
First published in US: August 28 1974 by Simon & Schuster, New York

Russian translation

  • Anonimnye kholostyaki by N. Trauberg: 1999

... a little circle whose members have decided that the celibate life is best. We call ourselves Bachelors Anonymous. It was Alcoholics Anonymous that gave the founding fathers the idea. Our methods are frankly borrowed from theirs. When one of us feels the urge to take a woman out to dinner becoming too strong for him, he seeks out the other members of the circle and tells them of his craving, and they reason with him. He pleads that just one dinner cannot do him any harm, but they know what that one dinner can lead to. They point out the inevitable results of that first downward step.

This all seems a splendid idea to Ivor Llewellyn, movie mogul and Ephriam Trout, Esq. of Trout, Wapshott and Edelstein, but spring is in the air and they leam that the proper temptation can threaten the most hardened resolve.

Bachelors Anonymous Bachelors Anonymous Bachelors Anonymous Bachelors Anonymous
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Ephraim Trout Ivor Llewellyn's long-time lawyer friend, who handled all of his five divorces
Ivor Llewellyn Much married and currently divorced head of a motion picture studio, who goes to London again
Fred Basset Trout's friend and charter member of Bachelors Anonymous
Johnny Runcible Trout's friend and charter member of Bachelors Anonymous
G.J. Flannery Trout's friend and charter member of Bachelors Anonymous
Vera Dalrymple Leading lady in Cousin Angela and handsome brunette who goes after Ivor Llewellyn
Joseph Pickering Playwright and amateur middleweight boxing champion in love with Sally Fitch
(Sally) Sarah Fitch Pretty journalist for a weekly paper, who, subject to conditions, inherits money
Sir Jaklyn Warner, Baronet A louse and cadger engaged to Daphne. Formerly engaged to Sally, and tries to be again when he finds out she inherited money
Jerry Nichols Joe's friend who has become a junior partner in his father's law firm of Nichols, Erridge and Trubshaw
Mabel Potter Sally's friend and secretary to theatre manager, Edgar Sampson. Engaged to Charlie, a stockbroker
Daphne Dolby Detective and owner of an agency. Hired to see that Sally doesn't smoke for two years
Bosher Llewellyn's ex-valet
Cyril Pemberton Works for Daphne and acts as a witness to her marriage
Jane Priestley Sally's old nanny who lives in Valley Fields
Percy Mrs. Bingham's dog who likes to chase Jane Priestley's three cats
Amelia Bingham Comfortably plump widow and nurse at St. Swithin's, who owns the other half of Jane Priestley's house. Ephraim Trout falls in love with her
Otis Bewstridge (*)
Letitia Carberry (*)
Bernadine Friganza (*)
Grayce Llewellyn (*)
Mac (*)
Sandy Miller (*)

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