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The Old Reliable
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First published in UK: Aplil 18 1951 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: October 11 1951 by Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York

Russian translation

  • Staraya, vernaya... by N. Tsyrkun: 1999

Following the death of Carmen Flores, the Mexican star, her Hollywood home was bought by Adela Cork, the star of the silent films. Mrs Cork's impecunious brother-in-law, Smedley, thought that among the late Carmen's personal effects might well be her diary which recorded her chequered love life.

The Old Reliable The Old Reliable The Old Reliable The Old Reliable
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Mrs. Adela Shannon Cork Tall, stately owner of the Carmen Flores home in Beverly Hills. Silent film star who is haughty and dominating. Widow of the wealthy Alfred.
Smedley Cork Stout, poor brother of Adela's late husband who likes Bill
James Phipps Mrs. Cork's English butler who had gone to prison as a safecracker
(Bill) Wilhelmina Shannon Adela's breezy, hearty, rugged and genial sister, in her early 40's. Loves Smedley, writing Adela's memoirs and known as the Old Reliable.
Joe Davenport Script writer who won a radio jackpot. Worked with Bill on the Superba-Llewellyn lot and loves Kay.
Kay Shannon Bill's niece who loves Joe
Lancelot, Lord Topham Wealthy English parasite living for the moment at Adela's. She hopes he will marry Kay.
Jacob Glutz Head of the Medulla-Oblongata-Glutz movie studio
Ward Police sergeant of Beverly Hills
Bill Morehouse Patrolman of Beverly Hills
Gladys Fauntleroy (*)

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