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First published in UK: October 4 1940 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: November 11 1940 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York

Russian translation

The prospect of having to approach Mr Duff, his dyspeptic trustee, for the necessary financial assistance with wich to get married, was someting that appalled that impecunious young peer, Lord Holbeton. But Sally, to whom he had so recently become engaged, suffered no such fear; she knew what she wanted and was prepared to go out and get it. She volunteered to deputize for her fiance and beard the man-eating Duff in his den.

The interview was brief. For nearly fifty years old Duff had been proof against attacks on his bank-roll and feminine charms, and it looked as though Sally would have to admit defeat. But even the strongest of men have their weakness. Duff had his, and a bargain was struck. On the face of it it sounded a straightforward arrangement; but the unexpected turned up in the persons of the irrepressible Joss Weatherby, 'Mugsy' Steptoe, the crap-shooting bruiser, and Chibnall, the over zealous butler.

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Mabel Steptoe Small, wiry and hard, wife of Howard
(Joss) Jocelyn Parmalee Weatherby An artist who does the advertising posters for Paramount Hams. A Psmith-type hero who acts as Howard's valet. Loves Sally.
Sally Fairmile Small, slight poor relation of Mabel's who is extremely lively. Engaged to Lord Holbeton.
George, Lord Holbeton 2nd Baron and son of the late Percy Trotter. Engaged to Sally until he breaks it.
Howard (Mugsy) Steptoe Smalltime ex-boxer who worked as a movie extra in Hollywood. Married wealthy wife Mabel.
Beatrice Chavender Widow of Mrs. Steptoe's brother Otis. Dominating, large woman who leads Mabel to believe she's wealthy. Loved Duff fifteen years ago.
James Buchanan Duff Lord Holbeton's American trustee and managing director of Duff and Trotter
Sidney Chibnall Butler at Claines Hall
Daphne Hessetyne Duff's secretary
Vera Pym Chibnall's fiancee who is a barmaid at the Rose & Crown
Mrs. Barlow Housekeeper at Claines Hall
Mrs. Ellis Cook at Claines Hall
Charles Footman at Claines Hall
Patricia Mrs. Chavender's Peke
Otis Chavender (*)
Purkis (*)
Wildcat Wix (*)

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