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Summer Moonshine
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First published in US: October 8 1937 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York
First published in UK: February 11 1938 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Letnyaya blazh' by I. Mitrofanova: 1999

The hideous Walsingford Hall is home to an odd assortment of coves...

The vile premises belong to Sir Buckstone, who is in a little financial difficulty. So for a little monetary help he puts a roof over the heads of people like (among others) Tubby Vanringham, the adoring slave of cold-hearted Miss Whittaker. His brother Joe has fallen head over heels for Sir Buck's daughter Jane. She, however, only has eyes for Adrian Peake who has already formed a liaison with the terrifying - but superbly wealthy - Princess Dwornitzchek. Is there no end to the confusion?

Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine Summer Moonshine
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Sir Buckstone Abbott Baronet who rents his home to paying guests. Wants to sell it to the Princess. An ex-big game hunter who wrote an autobiography.
Elmer Chinnery American paying guest who is a much divorced millionaire
(Tubby) Theodore Vanringham Stout young American who loves Prudence
Prudence Whittaker Sir Buckstone's tall, slender and elegant secretary
(Jane) Imogen Abbott Sir Buckstone's 20 year old pretty and slim daughter engaged secretly to Adrian but falls in love with Joe
J. Mortimer Busby Crooked vanity publisher
Joe Vanringham Tubby's lean and hard young brother who worked for Busby. Playwright who loves Jane.
Heloise, Princess von und zu Dwornitzchek Joe and Tubby's stepmother who had married a Mr. Spelvin before marrying the late Franklin Vanringham
Adrian Peake Gigolo going after the Princess and secretly engaged to Jane
Lady Alice Abbott Sir Buckstone's American wife who is large and unruffled
Sam Bulpitt Alice's millionaire brother who is America's champion process server
John B. Attwater Proprietor of the Goose and Gander
Pollen - Buckstone's butler
James & John The Abbott spaniels
Cyril Attwater J.B.'s young son
Millicent (*)
Mr. Everard Waugh-Bonner (*)

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