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Hot Water
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First published in UK: August 17 1932 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: August 17 1932 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York

Russian translation

The house-party at Chateau Blissac, Brittany, features a rather odd array of guests this year...

Mr J. Wellington Gedge is hoping for some peace and quiet while his wife takes herself off for a while. She, however, has invited numerous visitors to the chateau, to whom he will have to play reluctant host. Senator Opal and his daughter Jane are expected and the Chateau's handsome, gadabout owner Vicomte de Blissac. When a certain letter goes missing, landing the Senator in the proverbial hot water, its up to Packy Franklyn, a great pal of the Vicomte's, to sort out the mess. Unfortunately, this involves a little light safe-cracking. Luckily, Packy bumps into the light-fingered Soup Slattery...

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J. Wellington Gedge — Short, fat, American from California, dominated by his wife
Medway — Mrs. Gedge's maid who is a crook known as Gun-Shoe Gertie, wanting to steal the Gedge jewelery. Used to work with Oily.
Julia Gedge — Widow of millionaire oilman Wilmot Brewster who wants her husband to be the U.S. Ambassador to France. Soup's ex-partner in crime.
Kate Amelia Putnam — Julia's social secretary and detective from the James B. Flaherty Agency
Senator Ambrose Opal — Fat American senator who sponsors legislation against drink, but he mops the stuff up. Wants Jane to marry Packy.
Jane Opal — The Senator's black-haired and pretty daughter who is secretly engaged to Blair, but loves Packy
(Veek) Vicomte Maurice de Blissac — Packy's friend
(Oily) Gordon Carlisle — American con man in St. Rocque posing as the Due de Pont-Andemer
Soup Slattery — American safe-cracker who is afraid of Pekes
(Packy) Patrick B. Franklyn — American millionaire who went to Yale and played football. Engaged to Lady Beatrice but loves Jane.
Lady Beatrice Bracken — Daughter of the Earl of Stableford engaged to Packy
Blair Eggleston — Young novelist who is engaged to Jane. Works as a Sound Effects man for the ΒΒΡ and becomes Senator Opal's valet
Octave — Local policeman engaged to the Chateau's cook
Lady Gwendolyn Blinkhorn (*)
Mabel Brewster (*)
Gertrude Carlisle (*)
Parker (*)

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