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Doctor Sally
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First published in UK: April 7 1932 by Methuen & Co, London

A short novel taken from Wodehouse's play Good Morning, Bill.

The arrival of a golf-ball on green at the eighteenth hole at Bingley-on-Sea after only two strokes sets in motion a train of events to cast men everywhere into despondency. For the striker of the ball is Dr Sally Smith, a girl who is not only a woman doctor but beautiful into the bargain/ The disease of love in its most virulent strain attacks Bill Bannister; confusion sets in everywhere, and only a prescription of Wodehousian wit and humour can save the situation.

Doctor Sally Doctor Sally Doctor Sally Doctor Sally Doctor Sally Doctor Sally Doctor Sally
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Sir Hugo Drake Eminent nerve specialist. Bill's uncle and a golf addict.
Dr. Sally Smith Small, pretty general practitioner. American who loves golf and likes those who work.
William Bannister Drake's nephew who owns a stock and dairy farm in Hampshire. Falls in love with Sally.
Marie Mrs. Higginbotham's maid
Lottie Higginbotham Widow of a millionaire. Formerly married to Squiffy.
(Squiffy Bixby) Lord Tidmouth Old school chum of Bill's

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