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Big Money
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First published in US: January 30 1931 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York
First published in UK: March 20 1931 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Bolshie dengi by N. Tsyrkun: 2001

T. Paterson Frisby possessed twenty million dollars and loved every cent of them.

His secretary, Berry Conway, possessed only a dud copper mine; and the Biscuit (Berry's schoolfriend) nothing but a title. The latter pair needed money, big money: but the former was fast on his feet. Frisking Frisby wouldn't be easy.

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(Biscuit) Godfrey Edward Winstanley Brent, Lord Biskerton Berry's redheaded school chum with a slight moustache. Engaged to Ann but loves Kitchie.
(Berry) John Beresford Conway 25 year old hero who inherited a supposedly worthless copper mine. Loves Ann and poses as a secret service agent.
Torquil Paterson Frisby Small, American millionaire with dyspepsia who falls in love with Vera
Hannah Wisdom Berry's old nurse and housekeeper
Ebenezer Attwater Berry's later aunt's lawyer who lends him money
Lady Vera Mace The Biscuit's aunt, the Earl's sister, and widow of Colonel Archibald Mace, C.V.O., who has a compelling personality
Geroge, Lord Hoddesdon 6th Earl and father of the Biscuit
Josephine Moon Frisby's sister
Ann Margaret Moon Frisby's niece who wants a Sir Galahad type. Heroine engaged to the Biscuit but loves Berry.
J. Bernard Hoke Frisby's stooge who double-crosses him. Tries to swindle Berry out of the Dream Come True.
Captain Kelly Hoke's shady partner
Major Everard Flood-Smith Berry's neighbor
(Kitchie) Katherine Valentine Small, blonde American niece of the Major's who is loved by the Biscuit
Mr. Cornelius Valley Fields house agent with a long white beard
Merwyn Flock American actor to whom Kitchie is engaged
Venner The Biscuit's manservant
Sham-Poo Lady Vera's Pekingese
Sergeant Finbow Policeman in Valley Fields who is engaged to Hannah
Mr. Robbins Frisby's lawyer
Mr. Bellamy Hoke's lawyer
Oofy Simpson Wealthiest member of the Drones Club
Sir Herbert Bassinger (*)
Lady Lydia Bassinger (*)
Twombley Burwash (*)
Clarence Dumphry (*)
Egbert (*)
Percy (*)
Toddy Mailing (*)

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