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The Small Bachelor
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First published in UK: April 28 1927 by Methuen & Co, London
First published in US: June 17 1927 by George H. Doran, New York

Russian translations

  • Roman na kryshe by M. Volosov: 1928
  • Neprimetnyj kholostyak by I. Mitrofanova: 2001, 2012

What must a man do in order to put an end to his bachelorhood...

For George Finch, one of 'Nature's white mice' and probably the worst artist ever to put brush to canvas, there are many obstacles to overcome. Undoubtedly the greatest is his beloved Molly's fearsome stepmother, Mrs Waddington, who has her eye on an eligible English lord for a son-in-law. Luckily, George has an ally in sharp-witted Hamilton Beamish, an old family friend of the Waddingtons. Then there is George's butler Mullett and his light-fingered girlfriend, Fanny, whose valuable skills are of particular interest to the would-be father-in-law...

The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor The Small Bachelor
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George Finch Hero from East Gilead, Ohio, living at the Sheridan Apartment House in Greenwich Village. Small, slim and wealthy man who fancies himself an amateur artist.
Frederick Mullet Finch's man of all work. Ex-crook who marries Fanny.
James Hamilton Beamish Author in his early 30's of the famous Beamish Booklets who lives at the Sheridan. Efficiency expert who falls in love with May Stubbs.
Officer Garroway Policeman wanting to become a poet, takes instruction from Beamish.
Fanny Welch Mullett's fiancee who is a pickpocket
Molly Waddington 20 year old heroine who is short and plump
Sigsbee Horatio Waddington Molly's father who loves the west. An ex-millionaire who is browbeaten and dominated by his wealthy wife.
Mrs. Waddington Molly's stepmother. Widow of P. Homer Horlick, the Cheese King.
Rupert Antony Ferris Waddington's butler who used to work in Bragmarley Hall, Little-Seeping-in-the-Wold, Salop
Lord Hunstanton Englishman who sponges on Mrs. Waddington
May Sutbbs Mrs. Waddington's palmist, using the alias Madame Eulalie. Comes from East Gilead who knew George there. Falls in love with Beamish.
Rev. Gideon Voules Clergyman who should have married George and Molly
L. Lancelot Biffen Editor-in-Chief of Town Gossip, who lives in the Sheridan
Brewster Bodthorne (*)
Julie (*)

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