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The Girl on the Boat (Three Men and a Maid)
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US Title: Three Men and a Maid
First published in US: April 26 1922 by George H. Doran, New York
UK Title: The Girl on the Boat
First published in UK: June 15 1922 by Herbert Jenkins, London
E-text (323K)

Russian translation

  • Devishka s korablya by A. D'Aktil: 1927

Wilhelmina Billie Bennett, red-haired daughter of American millionaire Rufus, loves golf, dogs and Tennyson and is to marry Eustace Hignett, the weak, poetry-writing son of Mrs. Horace Hignett, the famous English writer on theosophy. Enter Sam Marlowe, Eustace's cousin, who plays tournament golf, and Jane Hubbard, Billie's big-game-hunting friend, and another romp in the inimitable Wodehouse style unfolds.

Three Men and a Maid The Girl on the Boat The Girl on the Boat The Girl on the Boat The Girl on the Boat The Girl on the Boat The Girl on the Boat The Girl on the Boat Three Men and a Maid The Girl on the Boat
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(Aunt Adeline) Mrs. Horace Hignett Famous English writer on Theosophy lecturing in America. Bosses her son.
Eustace Hignett Weak, poetry writing son of Mrs. Hignett who owns Windles. Engaged to Billie and loves Jane.
Sir Mallaby Marlowe Mrs. Hignett's brother, an eminent lawyer
Sam Marlowe Hero Sir Mallaby's 25 year old son who went to school and Oxford with his cousin Eustace. Plays tournament golf and loves Billie.
Mr. Rufus Bennett American millionaire head of Bennett, Mandelbaun and Co. who wants to rent Windles for the summer with his friend Mortimer
Mr. Henry Mortimer Rufus's friend who has a son. Bream
Bream Mortimer Looks like a parrot, grew up with Billie and wants to marry her
(Billie) Wilhelmina Bennett Heroine Redheaded daughter of Rufus who was going to marry Eustace, but wants a Sir Galahad type and winds up with Sam. She loves golf, dogs and Tennyson.
Pinky-Boodles Billie's Peke
J.B. Midgeley Eustace and Sam's steward aboard the Atlantic
Jane Hubbard Billie's big-game hunting friend who loves Eustace
Smith Mortimer's bulldog
John Peters Sir Mallaby's clerk
Miss Milliken Sir Mallaby's secretary
Montagu Webster Mr. Bennett's English valet who is reminiscent of Jeeves
Mrs. Withers Cook at Windles
Susan (*)
Oscar Swenson (*)

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