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The Coming of Bill (Their Mutual Child)
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US Title: Their Mutual Child
First published in US: 1919 by Boni and Liveright, New York
UK Title: The Coming of Bill
First published in UK: July 1 1920 by Herbert Jenkins, London
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To begin with, Kirk and Ruth's marriage was blissfully happy and in due course a son, Bill, was born. But then Ruth comes firmly under the thumb of Aunt Lora whose strong views on the care of children do not accord with Kirk's own natural, fatherly instincts.

The Coming of Bill Their Mutual Child The Coming of Bill The Coming of Bill The Coming of Bill The Coming of Bill The Coming of Bill The Coming of Bill
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Mrs. Lora Delane Porter — Strong, firm, unpleasant author on Eugenics. A suffragette, atavist and physical fitness nut.
Ruth Bannister — Niece and disciple of Lora. Strongly determined, tall, healthy, dark-haired daughter of millionaire John Bannister who marries Kirk.
Bailey Bannister — Ruth's 27 year old brother who is an oldmaidish busybody and dislikes his Aunt Lora. Junior member) of the Wall Street firm of Bannister & Son.
George Pennicut — Kirk's English odd job man who has ginger hair
Kirk Winfield — 26 year old large and well-built artist with a medium private income
Percy Shanklyn — Kirk's English actor friend who is chronically "between jobs"
Hank Jardine — Kirk's childhood friend who is a prospector
Steve Dingle — Hank's 28 year old prize-fighting friend. Also Kirk's friend who becomes John and Bailey Bannister's gym instructor. In love with Mamie.
John Bannister — Ruth and Bailey's father who is head of Bannister & Son
William Bannister Winfield — Ruth and Kirk's son — The White Hope
Keggs — John Bannister's English butler
Mamie — 19 year old Nurse who likes Steve
Whiskers — Bill's Irish Terrier given by Hank
Sybil Wilbur — Married Bailey
Basil Milbank — A social butterfly who toyed with Ruth's affections
Robert Dwight Penway — Kirk's artist friend who is an alcoholic
Clarence Grayling (*)
Freda Recce (*)
Hilda Vince (*)

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