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A Prefect's Uncle
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First published in UK: September 11 1903 by Adam & Charles Black, London
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A Prefect's Uncle A Prefect's Uncle A Prefect's Uncle A Prefect's Uncle A Prefect's Uncle
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Marriott Prefect of Leicester's House at Beckford College who shares a study with Gethryn
William Butler and bootboy at Leicester's House
(The Bishop) Alan Gethryn Head of Leicester's and superb cricketer
The Rev. James Beckett Headmaster of Beckford College
Miss Jones Matron at Leicester's
Jack Monk Member of Leicester's
Danvers Member of Leicester's and a friend of Monk's
Reece Member of Leicester's and cricketer
Waterford Member of Leicester's
Skinner A fag at Leicester's
P. V. Wilson Marriott's fag in Leicester's in the Lower Fourth.
Norris Head of Jephson's and Captain of the cricket team.
Samuel Wilberforce Gosling A day boy who plays cricket well
Miles The school's professional Cricket Instructor
Pringle Member of School House also on the cricket team
Baynes Good cricket player
Mr. Jephson School Master also in charge of cricket
Reginald Farnie Gethryn's younger uncle also at Leicester's. Belongs to the Upper Fourth form.
Mr. Strudwick Master of the Lower Fourth form
Watson Groundman at Beckford College
Lorimer Shares study with Pringle in the School House. Belongs to the Upper Fourth form.
Millett A Junior in Leicester's
Smith Member of Markham's from whom Farnie bought a bicycle
Baker Shares a study with Norris in Jephson's
Mr. Robertson Master at Beckford College
Col. Ashby Friend of Pringle's father
Gregson Member of Leicester's
Lee Member of Leicester's
Adams Member of Leicester's
Bond Member of Leicester's
Brown Member of Leicester's
Burgess Member of Leicester's
Crowninshaw Member of Leicester's
Chamberlain Member of Leicester's
Carstairs Member of Leicester's
Mortimer Wells Friend of the Headmaster's who is one judge in the poetry competition
Mr. Lawrie Master of the Sixth form
Mr. Sims Master of the Upper Fifth form
Mr. Leicester (*)
Mr. Somerville Smith (*)

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