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The Pothunters
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First published in UK: September 18 1902 by Adam & Charles Black, London
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Portrays the adventures of the boys at the English public school, St. Austin'

The Pothunters The Pothunters The Pothunters The Pothunters The Pothunters
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Tony Graham Merevale's House at St. Austin's
Alien Thomson Tony's cousin at Rugby
Jim Thomson Alien's brother in Merevale's House
Dawkins St. Austin's Gym Instructor
J. George Welch Half-mile winner in Merevale's
Reginald Robinson Tony Graham's fag in Merevale's
Morrison Friend of Robinson's and fag in Ward's House
Dimsdale Fag in School House
Scott Fag in School House
Reade Shares study with Barrett in Philpott's House
Barrett Shares study with Reade and collects birds eggs
Dallas Member of Ward's House
Vaughan Member of Ward's House
Mr. Ward Master at St. Austin's
Simpson Fag
Mr. Thompson Master of the 6th Form
Biffen Ground Man at St. Austin's
(Babe) Robert MacArthur Day boy
(The Mutual Friend) Plunkett Head of Ward's House and shares study with Vaughan and Dallas
Galloway Member of Ward's House
(Alderman) Charteris Shares study with Welch in Merevale's and edits the unofficial monthly magazine, The Glow Worm
Jackson Contributor to The Glow Worm who lives in Dawson's
Adamson Member of Dawson's
R. St. H. Grey Member in Prater's House
Saunders and Ned Badgwick Hall gameskeepers
Detective Inspector Roberts from Scotland Yard
Perkins Master of the Upper Fourth form
Merevale Master at St. Austin's
(The Moke) William Merevale's butler
Parker The Headmaster's butler
The Rev. Herbert Perceval Headmaster of St. Austin's
Sir Alfred Venner, M.P. Owner of Badgwick Hall, near the school grounds
Stokes Burglar who stole school cups
Daintree (*)
Drake (*)

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