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Freddie Threepwood
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The Hon. Freddie Threepwood, second son of Lord Emsworth, brother of George, Lord Bosham; heavy and loutish-looking in Something Fresh but slender in Full Moon, distinguished by a long and vacant face. Went to Eton, was expelled for breaking out at night and roaming the streets of Windsor in a false moustache; sent down from Oxford for pouring ink from a second-story window on the Junior Dean of his College. Failed to pass into the Army after two years at an expensive London crammer's. Engaged to Aline Peters in Something Fresh. Proposes to Eve Halliday early and often in Leave It to Psmith; marries Aggie Donaldson in The Custody of the Pumpkin; has gone to Long Island City to sell Donaldson's Dog Biscuits for his wife's father, as recalled in Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best, Go-Getter, Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Service With a Smile, etc. Eight months married in Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best, where his wife leaves him for a short time because she thinks he has been unfaithful. In Company for Gertrude, Go-Getter, Full Moon, Sticky Wicket at Blandings, Life with Freddie and Sunset at Blandings he is temporarily back in England promoting Donaldson's Dog Joy, and has given up his black-rimmed monocle because it reminded his colleagues at Donaldson's of something in a musical comedy. In Birth of a Salesman he has been with Donaldson's Inc. for three years and is long since transformed from the vacant-faced younger son of an English Lord to a go-getter for Donaldson's Dog Joy, impatient with his father's boneheaded manner. His collection of mystery thrillers, bequeathed to Beach when he left for Long Island City, is said in Galahad at Blandings to be the finest in Shropshire. A member of the Drones in Life with Freddie; has sent friend Howard Chesney to visit Blandings in A Pelican at Blandings. Revisits England, and Blandings Castle, in Sunset at Blandings.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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